Day Dive Trips

Day Dive Trips

Sea Hunt Scuba has four categories of trips.
Group Day Trips, Private Day Trips, Weekend Trips, Vacation Trips.

Group Dive Day Trips

No buddy required!

Generally the second & last Thursday of every month is a dive day. We leave Sea Hunt Scuba at 6am and travel to South Florida, make three dives, and get back to town between 9:30pm & 11:30pm. The boat, marina, & sites aren’t nearly as crowed as they would be during the weekend. Most of the time, it is just our divers on the boat. This gives us control of sites & time. On the weekend the boat and crew is under time pressure to get back for other dive trips. This means the crew is always rushing the dives and divers. During the week the atmosphere is much more relaxed and enjoyable. Book early! The trips usually fill up fast.

We also do Saturday day trips for divers who just can't get off during the week. Leave St. Augustine about 8am and return about 9:30pm-11:30pm. We often make these trips a Week End trip w/ Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning dives. Go for the day or spend the weekend. Divers end up with a 4 or more dives weekend. Check current travel sheet for up to date information.

No Buddy! No Problem! Most of the divers who go on these trips do not either. There is always someone to dive with. Want a guided or instructor to dive with? The trip Dive master is always glad to help out.

Sea Hunt Scuba drags a trailer for equipment and tanks. Divers who book soon enough can ride down in the large SUV. Other divers meet at the store carpool down together.

Private Day Trips

Day trips to sites all over the state are always available. Drift dive our rivers, springs, and reefs. Cavern dive some of the best sites in the world. Dive some of the best wreck sites in Florida. See Florida’s best reefs. These are all available w/ a private personal guide.

Freshwater trips, for first person, is $400 depending on location. Each additional person is $200. All expenses are included. No extra fees. Show up w/ bating suit and towel and we will take care of the rest.

Saltwater trips, for first person, is $650. Each additional person is $300. All expenses are included. Again! Just bring a towel. The boat to the dive site are four hour away. So plan a day for these trips.

Specialty Certification in Drift Diving, Boat Diving, & Reef ID may be completed on this day trip for extra $50.

Weekend Trips

A few times a year Sea Hunt Scuba will schedule trips too far away to do on a day run. The Florida Keys is a good example. We go several times a year for a weekend or long weekend. Key Largo is one of our favorites. We can arrange these trips to fit whatever budget or luxury one has in mind. Check out the Key Largo Bay Marriott. See current schedule.

Vacation Trips

Once or twice a year Sea Hunt Scuba will go out the country for a week or more to some of the worlds best diving locations. Australia, Thailand, Fiji, Tahiti, Galapagos, and Red Sea are just a few of the locations Sea Hunt Scuba has been in the Pacific and West. If you want to dive and see the world, Sea Hunt Scuba can make it happen. See our page for some of the places we have visited. Visit our current dive schedule page for upcoming trips.